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Here’s the scoop.  After teaching the Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching for something like 6 years, and doing this work with coaches for even longer, I thought i had all worked out.

I had identified the four powerful principles to MasterFull Coaching pretty clearly, recognizing that when these four are present in our coaching, it’s easy, powerful, deep, and fully supporting our coaching confidence, power and success.

And to remember it easily, I came up with the clever acronym of the Coaching R.A.C.E., standing for Recovery, Awareness, Commitments, and Energy.  (These words on their own may not land deeply, but trust me, in the class it all makes perfect sense and is the platform for amazing coaching.)

These are (and I truly believe this) what the difference is between regular good coaching, and amazing MasterFull coaching.

Or so i thought.

Turns out there was one more to be discovered.  Or rather, I had been working with it for some time, had recognized it in my own coaching (when it was MasterFull) and could identify it in other coaching that I was witnessing, but I hadn’t clearly articulated and gave it the proper position in the MasterFull principles.

Until now.

So now, the Coaching R.A.C.E. has crossed the finish line, but in its place is the even more amazing and solid and reliable foundation of the Coaching B.R.A.C.E.

What does the “B” stand for?

Well, you’ll have to check out www.mastermycoaching.com to find out. 

Even better, visit my new FPMC free audio page and have a listen yourself to a 20 minute audio exploring this new topic and how it impacts, incorporates, improves and explodes our coaching.  (And while you’re there, you can listen to the free audio recordings of the other Princples)

Then go and sign up for the next FPMC class so you can lock in those 34 CCEUs and get the full experience of the new and improved Coaching B.R.A.C.E.