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I was on an online message group and someone asked about what to do with their Pearls of Wisdom that they’ve acquired over the years and how can they utilize, leverage and create value and benefit for themselves and others.

What followed was a string of responses offering suggestions of different ways to pass along their Pearls of Wisdom.
Books, blogs, newsletters and posts (like this one). Webinars, teleclasses, speaking engagements and presentations. Lessons, classes, courses and other training. Marketing content, learning and growth content, insight and inspiration content and so many more applications.

And yet, throughout all of this, I just kept thinking about the term “Pearls of Wisdom”, and getting more curious about it.

So I submit to you perhaps some pearls of wisdom about “Pearls of Wisdom”.

we know where pearls come from. A small grain of sand gets in the oyster and irritates it’s tender muscle and inner lining. So it secretes a fluid to coat the sharp and uncomfortable edges–thus smoothing it out. However it’s still there, creating pressure, getting in the way, and just being a constant problem. So instinctively the oyster continues to cover it in this coating again and again. And every time it adds a layer, the pearl gets bigger and bigger. the problem doesn’t actually go away no matter how much the oyster coats and covers it with this substance. In fact, although it’s smooth, the fact that it gets bigger and bigger becomes more of a problem. And often, now it’s so big the oyster can’t get it out. (I mean, how often do you see oysters spitting out pearls?)

The other thing to consider is that the pearl is not valuable at all to the Oyster. (In fact, one could argue that it is a detriment. After all, hunting for pearls is one of the reasons they get plucked out of the ocean and their jaw muscle severed and their mouth is pried open, thus killing them. Not so valuable.
But it’s become valuable for us.
Why is that?
What is it about a Pearl that makes it so important in our culture?
It’s oyster spit over a grain of sand and yet it’s highly prized.
In part because it is something rare and hard to find. (You have to go through a lot of oysters to fine a pear. And a lot more oysters to find a smooth, perfect, flawless pearl–which are even rarer–or pearls of different colors and sizes.)

Ancient Japanese Legend – the tears of mermaids, nymphs and angels created pearls.
Ancient Persian Legend – After a storm a rainbow came down from the sky and met with the earth, forming a pearl.
Ancient Chinese Legend – Black pearls were symbolized of wisdom. People believed the gems were formed inside the head of a dragon. Once they were fully grown, the dragon carried them between its teeth.
Biblical – Eve’s tears created white pearls, while Adam’s created black pearls.

These “sea gems” have been called “The Stone of Sencerity”.
Symbolizing purity, perfection , generosity, integrity, loyalty and wisdom.
They attract wealth and luck and offer protection.

Once we find a pearl, what do we do with it? Often we make it into some form of jewelry.
RING: A pearl engagement or wedding ring symbolizes faith, charity, innocence, integrity, loyalty, perfection and harmony. The same is true for a pearl necklace or bracelet or other assembly.
Rich in calcium, pearls are also ground up and used as powders in various medicines and skin care products.

And by the way, let’s not discard all those oyster shells. They have been very useful in other ways over the years from stabilizing pottery, to serving as tools or becoming spoons. the shells were piled up to create strong and stable walls as well as stacked to prevent erosion, and even filter impurities from the water.
Even the shells themselves (and the inner lining) have been used to create jewelry and other artful expression.

Let’s not forget the oyster itself. A very healthy source of food. (The pearl gets all the glory, but the oyster keeps us alive.)

And I’m sure there’s more. After all, this is just factual uses and connections with PEARL. What are the personal insights, emotions, thoughts and beliefs that you have about PEARLS?
What are PEARLS are metaphor of (aside from your Wisdom and experience)?

Have fun exploring PEARLS as a metaphor/perspective (Yeah, this could be awesome Balance work) to explore and reveal what might be next for you?