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We all are familiar with the idea of WIN/WIN.

But what is your WIN?

How will you know that you are achieving it or are in a partnership that provides this?
Well, perhaps it might be a good idea BEFORE you engage with your next client to consider what a WIN for you might look like.
What criteria needs to be filled?  What do you need to recieve in return?  What do you anticipate would feel like a WIN when you’re done?

Now write it down.  Have it at your access for the next time you’re negotiating with a new client (or prospective client).

You see, this way, you’re in a more grounded position to ask for what you want.  And when the client offers you something in return (money, barter services, personality connection, etc.) you have a clear list to refer to.  And then you can either “check”, yes, this is a WIN for me, or “no” I’m not getting a WIN (and then you can counter offer with something on your list.)

Why is this important?

Well, how many times have you found yourself in a WIN/LOSE situation, even before you started?  Perhaps you are giving and giving and giving and getting nothing in return and now you feel taken advantage of, sucked dry, unvalued.
Or perhaps you are one of those automatic “Yes” people that say “Yes” to anything that’s asked of you (for whatever reason–you want to be liked, you hate to let people down, you are afraid to cause trouble… whatever, I’m not here to judge cause I have my own.)  But instead of being an automatic “yes” which then finds yourself in uncomfortable or unpleasant situations, overcommitted, and resentful, now you can take a clear stand to get something for something.

Even if you give your coaching or skills or time or energy away, you can get something in return.  It doesn’t have to be money all the time.
Email sign up.
Barter for services.
Feedback (if you’re working something new).
Or anything else that comes to mind that might be a WIN for you.

Oh, and if you’re concerned about what WIN you might be giving your client?  Don’t worry about that, either.

First off, they’ll tell you what they want their WIN to be.  Ususally that’s coaching them on their issue and the desired outcome they are striving for.
And you’re already holding their WIN in the palm of your hand.  Now all you have to do is design (with your client) what is a fair trade.  And that happens when you share with them your WIN LIST and they go “Yes”.