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They’re awesome.

They’re powerful.

They’re some of the most valuable and contributive coach growing calls out there.

And They’re free.

Here’s what one coach says about them.

“I so appreciate the opportunity to connect to the live coaching calls Ben provides. I am a coach in New Zealand and the calls support my own growth and stretches my knowledge skill set. I show up to coaching sessions for the people I support more present, informed and with more tools in my tool box to enable others how to take the driver’s seat and explore their own lives more consciously aware. It’s an opportunity to continue my commitment to my own growth as a coach and share with other coaches around the world. Ben I can’t thank you enough for holding these calls and the boundless opportunities it creates for fine tuning our skills as coaches, so very valuable to me.” – Dairne Kirton

So come and check our our next meeting, Tuesday, August 14 at 10:00 am Central/ 11:00 Eastern.

Just call 218-339-8524 PIN: 2336#

CCEUs are also available.

More information at www.coachkingskillsforum.com