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Create Confident Client Connections

It’s an inevitable part of coaching.  Sometimes the connection with our clients is great—there’s energy and flow and the coaching feels effortless—and then sometimes the coaching feels hard and flops around and we’re not sure how to get back.

What makes it even worse is when we get stuck in a mind trap and can’t quite figure how to get out.

This occurs more often than you think and it’s hard to prevent.

As a result, our coaching is not nearly as effective and impactful as we believe it to be. In other words, once that disconnect happens, and it invariably does, there’s little hope. Until now.

This interactive and fun workshop shows you three incredibly easy and amazingly powerful techniques that will get you instantly “out of your head” but get you back “into your client.”

Armed with this knowledge and experience, your coaching will be more confident and empowered.

Coaches who attend this workshop will …

Discover a deeper knowledge of some of the common traps that most coaches unknowingly fall into. And (more importantly) how to get out.

Learn three powerful, easy to apply tools that create instant connection with their clients.

Understand the common and fatal flaw that causes coaching sessions to fail and knowledge on how to avoid that trap.

Access the coaching power that they already possess

Really? Do you need more? 

Well, in that case, coaches will also gain insight to some of the powerful tools that Master level coaches use (usually unconsciously). They’ll have the upper hand because they’ll be able to consciously practice these tools to rapidly increase their coaching impact.

In-Person Workshop

This material works best as an in-person one day workshop lasting 1 – 3 hours.

I BElieve firmly that this foundational work is critical to all coaches who are looking to impact, strengthen and grow. With deep connection, anything can be created with our clients, and that’s when masterful coaching can occur.