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The Big “C”

Based on the long running series “The Coaching Skills Forum”, this in-person workshop takes a single coaching skill and creates a deep conversation that expands our knowledge, awareness, and application of the coaching skill.

More than a typical “Wisdom Circle”, it engages with the group in an entertaining and interactive discussion and explores our coaching skills with provocative and probing questions.

Perfect for coaches of all levels, this workshop focuses on our basic and fundamental elements of our coaching and targets them deeply.

New coaches will be immersed in a whole new way of experiencing their skills before they learn a more limited use in their training.

Intermediate coaches will be able to deepen their skills, expanding their base and increasing their coaching confidence.

Experienced coaches will be reminded of the range of possibilities they possess, and most likely will find something new when they thought they knew it all. (It happens often.)

EVERYONE will walk away with discovering something new and powerful about their coaching and will be able to take that learning directly to their clients.

How It Works

Coaches begin by pairing off to experience the coaching skill first hand.  Then, with specific and guided conversation, coaches plunge into new depths and levels of their coaching.

The cumulation of the event is to “coach” again with this new learning and awareness (thereby directly applying the knowledge and insights acquired in the workshop.)  In this manner, each of the coaches will be able to identify a “before” and “after” in their coaching and have a direct reference to be able to take this new learning and incorporate it into their coaching practice.

Some of the most common coaching skills, contexts and beliefs include:

Balance in all forms supporting our work

Recovery of energy and focus

Creating Awareness (or Deepen the Learning)

The Commitments in our coaching

Coaching with Energy

However, this format can be modified to apply to any coaching skill of your choosing.

To learn more about this exciting workshop, join in the free Coaching Skills Forum telecalls for a taste of what it’s like.  Then multiply that times 10.  That’s what you’re coaches will experience.

If your coaching body thrives on provocative, thought engaging, explorative conversations, then this is something that they will totally love.  I’m very excited by this workshop, and believe that your coaches will walk away from this feeling that their coaching has EXCELlerated in ways they might not even be able to describe.  There is nothing else like this out there.