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OK, you Phantasmagorical, Fantabulous, Incredible, Cosmic, Out of this World Coach, you’ve gotten this far, so I’m sure you have a few lingering questions.

“Now that you mention it, I do.”

All right.  Sock it too me.


I’m sorry.  I skipped into a groovy state for a minute.  What are your questions?

“You mention that your only requirement is that I need to BE either a certified coach or have at least 100 hours of training and experience. Why is that?
“Does it matter how long I've been coaching?
“What if I’m uncredentialed or have an ACC or PCC”
“You teach MCCs, too?”
“You say this is 48 CCEUs. What kind?”
“I think my schedule may have some conflicts with the upcoming dates. What should I do?”
“I haven’t really gotten official coach training, but I’ve been coaching for some time now. Can I still join?”
“I don’t have any experience coaching, but I’m very interested and excited about getting started. Is this for me?”

Of course, if you have any other questions that I haven’t answered, simply email me at ben@bedo.org or you’re invited to use my BeDo Scheduling Link, to find a time that works for you and I’ll be happy to talk.

And now, as I promised, here is your special nudge.


At this point, if you’ve gotten this far, you I know you’re very interested and aren’t quite ready to commit. I would challenge you to look at how else this shows up in your life.
Does this happen often where you are excited but stop at the last second from moving forward?
What’s really in the way?
What’s really stopping you?
And more importantly, what DO you imagine is waiting for you when you DO say “yes”.
So if you are really interested, I recommend you take action now.  And you can always request to BE in a future class.

First off, this way you won’t continually put it off and then forget about it and thereby miss this fantastic course (in other words, sabotage yourself and your coaching.)

Secondly, as the course continues to grow, there’s a chance that the price will change. By signing up now you’ll lock yourself in at the current low rate.

And thirdly, I’m sure you know that there’s something magical that can happen to us once we’re committed to something. Time and again I experience coaches who come to our first call already experiencing some exciting changes in their coaching and are feeling stronger and more confident even before we start working.

And fourthly, you’ll receive right away the Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching official welcome letter which contains some exclusive MasterFull Coaching Mini recordings–designed to start sparking your coaching. And there’s also a really cool and simple and fun exercise that will begin to help you discover that awesome and amazing coach that you truly are.

Finally fifthly, after the first class, you’ll also get those five extra special bonus recordings that will help you dig deeper into those MasterFull Aspects know as the Coaching BRACE. (You’ll discover your coaching on a whole new level.)

Again, I really believe in this work, other coaches like yourself have discovered tremendous growth and learning, and I want to offer you any and every opportunity to take advantage of this. So if not now, then when?
And it can’t get any easier than this.  Just click the payment link that fits best on the sidebar and complete the registration and you’re in!

You can’t find a better deal than this ANYWHERE.

Go ahead, look around. I’ll wait. But BE sure to come back to this page and click the above payment links right away to reserve your spot.  Not sure if this is right for you?  You can always contact me at 630-484-2336 or visit my BeDo Scheduler link and sign up for a complementary consultation as soon as you get home to see if this is what you’re looking for.  But you don’t want to wait.

P.S. You’ve gone through this whole page and now you’re reading this. So I’m guessing that you’re really interested in this fantastic opportunity to grow your coaching and yet you still haven’t quite made up your mind. Or perhaps you have made a decision and still need to get comfortable. But I’ll BE honest with you. I’ve been right where you are now plenty of times. So I want to let you know this one thing.
While I am committed to helping coaches just like you grow powerful and confident, I’m not attached to you signing up. If money is tight or if this just doesn’t feel like the right thing, then that’s completely fine and my wish for you is that you make that clear decision to not DO this course and don’t even read the rest of this page. It’s not for you at this time. (Perhaps later.)
And if you’re a YES, then make it a confident YES. Take this course head on. Challenge me to give you above and beyond what you expect. Step out and claim a $3000 value course, or even higher.
Either way, I want to challenge you to MAKE A DECISION about it before you leave this page. Either YES or NO. “I need to think about it,” can’t BE an option. All that usually means is “I’m a NO but I’m afraid to say NO.”
Even if you decide not to take the course, I want for you to make a clear and empowered choice about this course. That alone will help you wonderfully as you continue to develop yourself as a coach. (How many of your clients want to say NO in their life and are afraid to?) Or we can look at it this way. When you consciously and powerfully choose YES or NO, you are taking responsibility for your own coaching success.

P.P.S. Still not quite sure? I really want you to BE beyond 100% certain that this is the right program for you, so if you still have questions, please email me at ben@bedo.org with whatever question or concern you may have about how this program will help you BEcome a more confident and powerful MasterFull coach. Enter your question below and I’ll personally reply.

P.P.S.S. (what the heck DO all these letters mean anyway?) And if you really want to DO this, and you really aren’t sure, and you really have some unanswered questions–even after all this–then let’s set up a complementary phone call so I can more directly respond to your questions and help you along in this decision. I won’t pressure you to sign up.
As I said, I’m committed to helping coaches grow powerfully and confidently, and I want you to choose this for yourself. All right. now that you’ve gone through this whole page (I know you were just curious about what was down here at the bottom) you can go to the sidebar and lock yourself into this course or go back to the beginning of this course information and start all over.

I look forward to officially welcoming you, sending your introductory packet, and scheduling your complementary calls. Until then, I wish you to continue BEing a Magnificent, Amazing, Splendiferous, Terrific, Exceptional, Remarkable Coach!