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“Wait a minute.  I recall you announcing that you had completed something like lesson #16 or #17 of this thing.  Why are you now doing #5?”

It’s a reasonable question, I’m sure.  Actually, to clarify, I had already completed the first #17 of the 20 powerful and value packed lessons and then something changed.

All this time I had been teaching in the Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching class the powerful structure of the Coaching R.A.C.–illustrating the four principles for powerful and MasterFull coaching.  

In the FPMC 100-Day eChallenge, there is a lesson provided that explores and digs into each of those individual Principles.

But then it happened.  I realized that there was something missing, a new Principle that I had been doing and teaching and witnessing but hadn’t identified and labeled (thus not intentionally incorporating it into the coursework).

So I had to go back and write a whole new lesson (this one peaking over #12 pages long) focusing on this new Principle.

Which means that the old #5 became the new #6, and everything else slid on down the line.

So now I’m closer to completion.  However, the doors are open for YOU to join in the FPMC 100-Day eChallenge today and get started.  (Besides, that’s how you’ll discover what the new #5 is all about.)

Every 5 days a new lesson will appear in your email for you to read, fill out, explore and watch your coaching and confidence grow in exciting ways.