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Hello there, you Amazing, Spectacular, Ridiculous, Engaging and Stellar coach.

“What?  What did you call me?”

I’m sorry.  If you were in the course you would know what that’s all about, and how that opens to the door to amazing power.

“Really?  How is that?”

Well, first off I see you’re very curious about this course.  Which is great, because that’s what this page is all about.

“Yeah.  And the link told me to come here.”

Even better.  So I’m guessing that if you’re here, you’d like to learn more about this exciting and amazing course.  Correct?

Yes.  I mean, the price options in the sidebar look great, and this course sure seems to be a pretty huge bang for the buck…”

Some of the biggest and bangest out there.

“Great.  But, yes, I would like a little more detail about what happens on the calls before I commit.”

Sure thing.  This course combines the latest in neuroscience, physiology, our human evolution and condition and how we are programmed along with some of the most powerful coaching approaches all into one platform.

We harness the best that is YOU–your strengths, skills, history, experience and all that amazing stuff that only you have been through and blend it into your coaching–designing a pathway and process to not only access your full power and potential, but also to bring your FULL self to your client.

We address many of the core and consistent problems, traps and roadblocks that get in the way of our coaching–including the urge to make sure we’re providing great value and that our clients are getting the results they came for.  And we discover a much more powerful place for the coach to stand–one that allows the coach to be fully present to themselves, and therefore to their client.

“All right.  But I was hoping for a little more specific information.”

Ah yes.  I see what you mean.  Well, in that case, here is a brief summary of each of the 27 calls that each build upon the other.  Select each one to read more description.

“I really do think you are one of the best things out there after coach training is finished.”  – Hillary Hutchinson

MODULE 1: HAVING Your MasterFull Foundation

These 10 lessons focus on creating a solid and powerful foundation upon which you can build your MasterFull Coaching.
We’ll take what you already know from your previous training and experience and then add more levels and layers, insights, principles, and deeper ways to see your clients and your coaching.
You’ll rediscover old tools and structures, you’ll gain new insights and levels, and you’ll discover your coaching in a whole new way.

Bring your real coaching issues and client topics, gain powerful insights and applications, and leave this section with an unshakable, complete and MasterFull Foundation for your coaching.

“I can’t imagine my growth as a coach and as an individual without this!” Anna Howald

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“Ben will take you on a full-speed-ahead ride to challenge you personally and as a coach on multiple levels. The course is very well organized and every class session is packed with information, but the supplemental materials and class recordings provided each week make it easy to review. The exercises were FUN, immediately applicable to my work with clients, built my confidence and expanded my perspective of what can be possible to keep the coaching relationship refreshed and meaningful.” – Lynne Johnson

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“I just finished class #6. WOW! You are amazing. Thank you for an entertaining, informative class that will improve my coaching and my life!!!”- Dee Kite


This section targets all the different ways you engage with your client–creating powerful intake sessions, exploring agendas, establishing a clear focus and direction for your coaching, and how to incorporate all your coaching assessments and additional tools in a MasterFull Coaching way.
Bring your real client issues, topics, and problems and discover powerful real ways to engage and create powerful coaching with your clients.

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“The course is FUN, well paced, interactive, interesting, and VALUABLE.  Ben knows his stuff and he knows how to teach it.
I was really inspired to step into my confidence and coach at a more intuitive level.
Take this course – you won’t be sorry!” – Mary Jo Thatcher

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“As a consultant, assessment instruments are a standard tool of the trade. As a coach, I have struggled to figure out how to make use of them. Today’s session was revelatory in helping to bridge the gap from telling/stating to exploring and discovery for my clients. The depth discussion on the simple numerical rating scale was well worth the time by itself. However, (“but wait there’s even more!”) applying that same approach to the other instruments I may use helped me cross the bridge revealing even more depth I can bring to my coaching.” – Ed Caldwell.


Throughout this course we’ve been building and growing your coaching foundation and muscles, your focus and clarity and revealing your deep MasterFull Coaching power.  And all the while we’ve been growing your “inner coach”.  And here is where we sink dramatically deeper.
Create Confident and Complete Coaching Connection with your ClIents.
Discover your true Coaching Purpose
Own your Coaching Agenda
And we target every single remaining obstacle, distraction, concern or block in your coaching and remove them so that you can have deep and powerful connection to yourself, your coaching and your confidence.

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“I’ve enjoyed participating in the Fast Pass to Coaching Mastery class. We’re over half way through and even though I’ve been coaching for 4 years, I have been learning a lot and using the skills we’ve covered to enhance the coaching experience with my clients. Your class not only gives each coach a solid foundation for success, but also provides a fun way to learn how we need to Be and what we need to Do to serve our clients effectively.” – Kris Cavanaugh, owner of Shift Inc.

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“The course is FUN, well paced, interactive, interesting, and VALUABLE.  Ben knows his stuff and he knows how to teach it.
I was really inspired to step into my confidence and coach at a more intuitive level.
Take this course – you won’t be sorry!” – Mary Jo Thatcher

Come and discover what hundreds of coaches JUST LIKE YOU have discovered.
Learn what you didn’t know you were missing.
Stand confidently and powerfully in your coaching.
it’s all part of my commitment to helping you discover your skills in a deeper and more powerful way so you can show up fully for your clients.

“I really wish I had done this earlier in my coaching career!  You are one of the best things out there after our coach training is finished.”  – Hillary Hutchinson

Call it part neuroscience, part appreciative inquiry, part physiology, part emotional intelligence, part fun and games, part advanced coaching skill development, part inside team, part dog training, part truth telling, part Deepak Chopra, part breaking the rules, part confidence building, part Einstein, part corporate training, part sports theory, part physics, part woo-woo, part affirmation, part empowerment, part “revealing your WOW” factor. These 20 calls all work together to help you tap into and reveal that MasterFull coach that you already are!

“Wow, that all sounds fantastic. And to be honest, while I’ve heard some of this before, I don’t think that I’ve really heard a lot of this in my training.”

That’s right. These are ADVANCED COACHING TECHNIQUES, STRUCTURES, INSIGHTS and DESIGNS all building upon each other and create powerful impact to your coaching in ways that most coaches dream of. There is nothing like this out there.
Most schools will teach you your basic coaching skills and how to DO coaching. But HOW do you use those skills powerfully and confidently?
Most mentors will focus on giving you feedback and tell you what you could have done and should have done. But how do you create deeper change to build your confidence so you don’t even need that feedback? You already KNOW.
Most teleclasses and workshops focus on some new-fangled exercise that you can import into your coaching. Which is great when the situation calls for it, but what about when it doesn’t?

THIS course is different. 

The FPMC takes what you already know and digs it deeper.
The FPMC shifting you from the inside out (the same way we work with our clients)
The FPMC is not just about DOing coaching, but BEing a powerful and confident coach–from the inside out.
The FPMC is not designed to teach new coaches how to coach. It’s created to show existing good coaches just like you how to coach awesomely great.

With regard to the Fast Pass to Masterfull Coaching class, “I really wish I had done this earlier in my coaching career!”  – Hillary Hutchinson

Tell you what, if you don’t feel that your coaching confidence and skill set has doubled, I’ll refund your money.*

(*Of course you need to attend the calls or listen to the recordings and do the work. I can’t do it for you, but I can give you the direction, the learning, and the tools to explode your coaching! Read more about this in my GUARANTEE in the sidebar.)

“My coaching has been re-energized. Ben’s course helped overcome my limiting beliefs and to trust myself, my client, and my coaching. He is a fantastic teacher who uses humor and enthusiasm to make the student comfortable and open to learning. He also provided challenging and practical homework assignments that reinforced his course material. I completed my CTI course in 1999, and have been coaching since then. After Ben’s course my confidence and abilities as a coach have been enhanced.
Today, I am a better coach.” 
– Win Harper

So now at this point you are at one of two places.

If you’re so excited about this and are ready to lock yourself in, then check out the sidebar for the next start date and select the payment option that works best for you now.

Or perhaps you still need a little more information to help you with this decision.

“Yeah.  I mean, this class really looks incredible.  But could you just sum it all up so I can see more clearly what I’m actually getting for the price?”

Certainly.  In fact, let’s go check all that information out on the next page.

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