Hello there, you Amazing, Spectacular, Ridiculous, Engaging and Stellar coach.

“What?  What did you call me?”

I’m sorry.  If you were in the course you would know what that’s all about, and how that opens to the door to amazing power.

“Really?  How is that?”

Well, first off I see you’re very curious about this course.  Which is great, because that’s what this page is all about.

“Yeah.  And the link told me to come here.”

Even better.  So I’m guessing that if you’re here, you’d like to learn more about this exciting and amazing course.  Correct?

Yes.  I mean, the price options in the sidebar look great, and this course sure seems to be a pretty huge bang for the buck…”

Some of the biggest and bangest out there.

“Great.  But, yes, I would like a little more detail about what happens on the calls before I commit.”

Sure thing.  This course combines the latest in neuroscience, physiology, our human evolution and condition and how we are programmed along with some of the most powerful coaching approaches all into one platform.

We harness the best that is YOU–your strengths, skills, history, experience and all that amazing stuff that only you have been through and blend it into your coaching–designing a pathway and process to not only access your full power and potential, but also to bring your FULL self to your client.

We address many of the core and consistent problems, traps and roadblocks that get in the way of our coaching–including the urge to make sure we’re providing great value and that our clients are getting the results they came for.  And we discover a much more powerful place for the coach to stand–one that allows the coach to be fully present to themselves, and therefore to their client.

“All right.  But I was hoping for a little more specific information.”

Ah yes.  I see what you mean.  Well, in that case, here is a brief summary of each of the 27 calls that each build upon the other.  Select each one to read more description.

“I really do think you are one of the best things out there after coach training is finished.”  – Hillary Hutchinson

MODULE 1: HAVING Your MasterFull Foundation

These 10 lessons focus on creating a solid and powerful foundation upon which you can build your MasterFull Coaching.
We’ll take what you already know from your previous training and experience and then add more levels and layers, insights, principles, and deeper ways to see your clients and your coaching.
You’ll rediscover old tools and structures, you’ll gain new insights and levels, and you’ll discover your coaching in a whole new way.

Bring your real coaching issues and client topics, gain powerful insights and applications, and leave this section with an unshakable, complete and MasterFull Foundation for your coaching.

“I can’t imagine my growth as a coach and as an individual without this!” Anna Howald

We'll kick it off by discovering exactly what a Masterful coach looks like. Not just regular good coaching, but “holy-heck-how-do-they-do-that?” MasterFull Coaching.
Along the way, we’ll reveal all the additional benefits that this course provides and explore in more detail the Science, Artistry and Performance of MasterFull Coaching.
And even more importantly, how to identify YOU as a Masterful coach. Once we determine that, then it's simply a matter of learning how to recognize, embrace, connect and grow that part of you.
Oh yes, and we also begin to explore your Coaching Confidence—what it currently is and how to begin growing it bigger, deeper, higher and stronger.
And then we bring in a simple, yet ridiculously powerful and profound exercise: the five words that will open the doorway to your MasterFull coaching.
In other words, this call introduces to you the foundation that we are working with and identifies our end point. The rest of the course goes about exploring and discovering HOW to deepen your coaching knowledge, skills and confidence--easily, deeply, and powerfully.
It all begins with five simple words. The five words that unlock your massive coaching power and potential.
We then reveal the Coaching B.R.A.C.E.— Balance, Recovery, Awareness, Commitment, and Energy. You’ll discover quickly how these words are immediate access to an unshakable and solid foundation for all of your coaching that you'll be exploring and growing in the weeks to come.
Everything… I mean, EVERYTHING is your coaching will shift and change with five new layers for your coaching.
Then, it’s off to explore your "human condition"—those built-in traps in our physical design that both support and hijack your coaching. We also take a look at your brain (don't worry, we're going to keep it in your head) and learn how it functions in and around our coaching. You are inherently born with programming within your body and your brain that can easily be the greatest asset to your coaching, or a liability, depending either on how you use it, or it uses you. We also discover the very simple, yet absolutely amazing ATEBAR coaching formula that defines how and why your coaching works. Not only that, but easily pinpoint how and why you coaching isn’t working… and, more importantly, what easy adjustment you can make to get back on track. No matter where you've been trained, this will expand your awareness of just how powerful your coaching really is.
It’s such a common confusion and collapse in our work—BEing and DOing. On the other hand, as it’s also such an integral part of our coaching it might make sense to really get a deep discovery of these two worlds: busting apart myths and deceptions and establish clearly how they are very different and how they work together in perfect and powerful harmony or destructive discourse. What’s also important is that we clarify and expand the BEing and DOing of the coach. After all, this distinction is where our true coaching power lies. Along the way we will also reveal the most deadly and disastrous trap that our clients fall into (and we do, too). And all it takes is a simple little flip.
And finally, if you’re just about like any other coach, you’ve come from some other profession or way of BEing, and that can often create a challenge in your coaching. But instead of prohibiting and confining you from BEing you, we’ll learn how to access valuable past BEing and incorporate it into a powerful platform so you can still BE the best of you, just in a new role.
We're going to dig more into your brain as well as your client's brains (what are we, a bunch of Zombies?), and reveal how we really get in our own way and, more importantly, what to do about it. We'll go out to the park, we'll go to the movies, we'll even go skydiving (all in the comfort of your own home) to deepen and solidify our coaching foundation.
All the while, we’re solidifying a clear model that categorizes every tool and system that you have learned in your training. We’ll discover a teeny-tiny-two-inch technique that you can use with every client and to wind it all up, we will also reveal the SINGLE MOST POWERFUL AND EASIEST-TO-USE TOOL you could ever do in your coaching. And with this amazing and yet simple technique you'll be amazed at your coaching power. It'll breathe a whole new life into your coaching.

“Ben will take you on a full-speed-ahead ride to challenge you personally and as a coach on multiple levels. The course is very well organized and every class session is packed with information, but the supplemental materials and class recordings provided each week make it easy to review. The exercises were FUN, immediately applicable to my work with clients, built my confidence and expanded my perspective of what can be possible to keep the coaching relationship refreshed and meaningful.” – Lynne Johnson

In this section we explore some of the powerful ways we appear in our coaching, the roles that we take on as well as the roles that are given to us, the games we play and the dance we do—all digging even deeper into some of the core principles and Foundations of MasterFull Coaching that we learned before
We begin by clarifying the 3 forms of Reality and how that impacts us as coaches as well as our clients. Not only that, but we also learn how to leverage and alter Reality in your coaching and use it to your advantage.
We will discover the powerful and Deadly and Delicious Double Triangle—those three roles that we take on (positive and negative) or that are forced onto us. And we also discover the Fantastic 4 Realms of how we experience and express everything. This revealing allows us to connect with our clients more deeply, have an inexhaustible resource for powerful questions, and also how to never get stuck again. You will always have another resource to explore with your client.
All of these provide deep and powerful insight to the traps the client may be in, as well as where the coach may be stuck. And even more awesome, when we are able to see ourselves and our clients through these lenses, when then have access to tremendous leverage, insight and power to the coach and client.
We spend this whole lesson exploring the amazing world of Energy. What does it actually mean? How do we identify it? What is the Energy our clients are in? What is the Energy we are in? And more importantly, what the heck do we do once we’re there? How do we move up and down, or side to side? The bottom line is EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. And once we know how to recognize it, once we have that deeper Awareness, then we have the power to create shift. Utilizing such solid models as Maslow’s Hierarchy, the 7 Levels of Leadership, as well as Spiral Dynamics, we create a powerful access on how to identify where your clients are (otherwise, how can you meet them where they are?), where are YOU on the scale? (might be a good thing to know) and how to shift your client easily and powerfully.
We continue our Energy Exploration into a different direction. Utilizing Classic Archetypes, Enneagram, Chakras, Soul Typing, and many other tools, we continue to reveal how everything is energy. High or Low, or colors and range of the spectrum. And energy can be shifted, transformed, altered, enhanced and expanded.
Not only that, but all the other assessments that you work with (including DISC, MB, EQ, StrengthsFinder, etc.) will be different for you.
Lastly, we’ll reveal the incredible MasterFull coaching Model—a simple diagram that provides a solid passage to accessing your deep coaching power, a rich connection with your client, and unyielding and steadfast foundation to your coaching.
Simply put, if you’ve got this in your coaching, you’re instantly wielding your coaching tools at a higher level and creating a deeper impact.
Sure, you know Goal Setting. But you only know 1/3 of the design. All right, maybe half. Let’s just say there’s so much more that we are missing. And in fact, it’s a complete deepening of ALL your coaching approach.
These six stages will completely redesign how you work with your clients, and yourself. Plus, we’ll cap it all off with a visit to the MasterFull Model. That’s right, the image that will capture, reinforce, deepen and remind you of EVERYTHING you have learned.
So now, after all this, you HAVE a MasterFull Foundation at your access. I know it’s been a lot.
A lot.
And there’s still a little bit more that I get to pass on to you—a few simple little concepts that step into the deeper world of Physics and Quantum mechanics.
That’s all.
What does that have to do with coaching? When we understand these irrefutable laws of Physics and Quantum, they actually apply directly to our coaching in amazing ways. They unlock unlimited possibility and potential, they clarify a lot of the confusion of rules that we’ve been given, and they open ups a clear pathway towards accessing your true full coaching power.
But don’t worry, as I said at the beginning, this first module is all about getting the information, models, designs, concepts, structures and foundations into your coaching. It’s not critical that you have completely mastered it, because what needs to happen (if you haven’t already been doing this) is discovering how to put all this into your coaching and experiencing the power.
Well, actually, you’ve already been doing that throughout the last 10 lessons, you’ve stretched and grown in amazing ways already. And you’re now ready to move on to…

“I just finished class #6. WOW! You are amazing. Thank you for an entertaining, informative class that will improve my coaching and my life!!!”- Dee Kite


This section targets all the different ways you engage with your client–creating powerful intake sessions, exploring agendas, establishing a clear focus and direction for your coaching, and how to incorporate all your coaching assessments and additional tools in a MasterFull Coaching way.
Bring your real client issues, topics, and problems and discover powerful real ways to engage and create powerful coaching with your clients.

Most coach training tells you that it’s critical to begin your coaching powerfully. But there isn’t a lot of clarity as to exactly how to begin. This lesson fills in all the gaps on how to get started with your clients. First, we walk through the steps and stages and purpose of an initial intake/discovery session, creating a solid partnership and clear agreements and intentions for outcomes and purpose of the coaching. Secondly, we shift our focus on how to actually begin each coaching session powerfully. If we can start powerfully, then we are on a better course to continue powerfully and complete powerfully. Along the way we will reveal common traps and pitfalls that occur when working with requests, agendas and problems. We’ll also bust apart some dangerous myths about agendas and how to handle common (and not so common) problems with setting the agenda.
How do you build your coaching confidence? It’s a lot simpler than you think. In fact, there is a simple recipe that you can follow that works EVERY TIME. But we’ll go even further than that. Because you’ll be introduced to the incredibly powerful “Sprint Coaching”. This is where you’ll begin to work some key core coaching "muscles" without breaking a sweat. Incorporating my past experiences and lessons learned on the High School swim team and track team as well as taking a cue from our military heroes, sports figures, and even my brother the fireman, we’ll design a system that will strengthen your coaching in 11 different areas--easily and automatically, in only 15 minutes (so we can work on the more advanced stuff, right?). Not only that, but we'll break apart one of the biggest and deadly traps that every single coach falls into and reveals the single reason why your coaching fails, when it does, and what to do. This alone is a profound miracle for many coaches to discover. And you'll learn quickly why my motto is "MAXIMUM RESULTS for minimum effort." This call will show you how to create that for yourself, easily, effortlessly and automatically and with all the practice clients you dare to have.
We'll explore more about this "Coach Sprinting" technique and examine more closely at how your coaching is expanding (as you will likely already be noticing quite a difference from when we started).
We're also going to discover how many more ways this simple exercise can impact your coaching. Not only will your coaching get sharper and more powerful instantly and automatically, but you may also discover your niche, attract new clients, and even build a support team to help spread the word about your coaching.
Does marketing freak you out? No worries, we'll be targeting that as well so you can strengthen that marketing muscle and really begin building your business even bigger.
Do you get stuck in sales strategies? This same “coach sprinting” also begins to build your confidence in sample sessions with a simple process and design.
Heck, even though this course is about growing your inner coach, You just might even get a client or two out of this. It’s happened many a time.
We also learn the four (and to be clear, there are only four) ways to complete any coaching session powerfully. The good news is you already know what they are. The even gooder news is that you’ll soon know how to use them even more articulately, powerfully and confidently. And the goodest news is that you’ll be able to grow even more confident and skilled in these completions.
Over the many years I’ve been mentoring coaches, I would say about 85% of the problems could be reduced or even eliminated if there was better design at the beginning and we stop trying to fulfill some of the hazardous, icky-bad and misdirecting instructions we got in our training. (You must unlearn what you have learned.) • You can’t start coaching until you get the Agenda set. • You must get the Agenda clear in the first 5-8 minutes. • When you identify the Agenda quickly then you can begin coaching These are all slightly true. And very problematic. So we’re going to bust apart these traps, create a solid design/outline/flow for your coaching and empower you and your client in amazing ways that will make your coaching so much easier, so much deeper, so much sharper, so much more powerful and so much more MasterFull.
Discover how to deliver a deeper coaching than your clients ever expected. By the end of this round, you will be masterful at identifying the true Agenda of the coaching, each and every time so you can get to the real meat of the coaching and give the client much more than they came for. Not only that, but you’ll also access an endless resource for your coaching. Never get stuck or dry again. You’ll also experience first-hand the power of rearranging DO-HAVE-BE. (Yes, I know you know the better way, but you’ll discover exactly how and why it’s better so you can give it powerfully to yourself and your clients.) Which this simple, yet critical, shift, you’ll have a never-ending access to powerful questions, deep discovery, and incredible impact in your coaching.

“The course is FUN, well paced, interactive, interesting, and VALUABLE.  Ben knows his stuff and he knows how to teach it.
I was really inspired to step into my confidence and coach at a more intuitive level.
Take this course – you won’t be sorry!” – Mary Jo Thatcher

Our clients have different needs at any given moment of our coaching. It’s not so simple as “just coach”. Discover the A, B, C’s of coaching so you’ll always have a clear pathway to take your client down. There are actually three (count, em) three focuses. By the end of these calls, (with the help of Clyde, the Clutter Client) you’ll become master detectives as you look for clues and then tap into your already incredible coaching toolbox and know which one to use at any given circumstance with any client for maximum impact and awareness. You’ll be amazed at how much you didn’t know you already knew about your wide coaching versatility and range.

“Where’s the Aliveness?”
Carpe Diem—Seize the day. Make your lives extraordinary.
It’s powerfully clear. Our clients typically come to us to discover a fulfilling direction and a purposeful life. They want to wake up excited to start the day, go to bed feeling complete and end this life with no regrets. This first focus one hones in on our client’s “Aliveness”–how to recognize it, how to generate, how to discover, and how to use this tool powerfully

“What’s the Belief?”
What you BELIEVE is how you BE when you LIVE.
It’s the truth. Our clients typically come to us because they are feeling stuck somewhere in their lives. They want to take Action, they believe they are ready, and yet there are other Beliefs that may be hindering, conflicting, or creating limiting results. So when we help our clients shift, change, let go of or create new beliefs, then they become empowered with the power of change. And that’s when they are really ready to move into a new direction. And those new Beliefs can come from a million and one difference places.

“What needs to be Clearly Seen?”
The good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Beautiful—the FULL experience of our lives.
It’s pretty clear. Our clients typically come to us wanting to live a full life–to look back and feel that they got all they could, and experienced their lives to the fullest. However, we naturally numb ourselves to experiences, especially to the ones that are considered “bad” and cause us discomfort and pain. What are the “lies” are we telling ourselves? What comfort zones are keeping us “safe”? What are we turning a blind eye to? What are we not clearly seeing in our lives? It’s time to turn on the lights, pull back the curtains, dive into the deep end, go to the rock-bottom and soar to the edge of the universe to reveal the client’s FULL experience.

By the end of these three rounds you will now only have a solid structure and process to deepen and focus your coaching, but also you will be locked and loaded with a ROCK SOLID AWESOME COACHING SAMPLE SESSION! Wouldn't that be nice?
Yeah, of course it would.
This is not your typical coaching demo. Of course, a demo would be a great way for you to see some of the wonderful skills and tools that we’ve explored in the course in action. But this modification it’s so much more. Because YOU’RE a part of the experience. We play “COACHING BINGO”, identifying the clues from the coaching, and then—with the help of the COACHING TIME MACHINE we experience 4 times the learning and discovery than any normal demo. It’s a powerful experience for everyone (especially the client). Not only that, but you also acquire an awesome technique that you can use any time to instantly enhance and deepen your coaching with any client, any situation and any coaching experience.
Now that you know the ABCs of coaching, we’ll explore how you can apply them anywhere, with anything, for an even deeper impact, powerful discovery, and inspirational insight. In other words: all those outside things that you bring into your coaching, those other internal experiences of your coaching, all the tools that you’ve learned and all the topics that you typically explore with your clients can get flipped over to become a whole new MasterFull experience.
Have you worked with the Wheel of Life? (I sure hope so. It’s truly and amazing, powerful and versatile a tool.) But here is where we get to utilize that tool in a MasterFull way and take it to the next level.
You have all these wonderful tools that you’ve learned elsewhere. DISC, Meyers-Briggs, Strengthfinders, Hogan, 360, not to mention other tools like Enneagram, Soul Typing, Jungian Archetypes, Astrological signs, Tarot, Chakras, Color Typing and any other process to help the client identify their core characteristics, defaults, advantages, qualities and abilities.
And if you have some experience with these tools, you might also know how to incorporate them into your coaching. But with a simple 3-layer twist, you’ll discover how to create an even bigger and deeper impact with your clients. And once you have this simple rule in place, then you can use EVERYTHING you’ve got.
Look at all those common problems that your clients bring to you. Time Management, Project Prioritization, Colliding Commitments, Management and Leadership, Team development, and more? Sure, there’s the common way to approach them in our coaching. But with this adjustment, you’ll create three times the rich experience.
Not only that, but we’ll apply this simple, yet powerful, adjustment to other aspects of your coaching. Metaphors, Saboteurs, Inner Wisdom, and even Powerful Questions. Don’t just use them in your coaching, discover how to use them MasterFully.
Like all amazing things, it’s time to close this Module. But not without capturing the profound learning and deep discovery. Not without sinking it in even further within you. Not without connecting to that Powerful and amazing coach that you already are. And definitely not without more profound and fun learning.
PLUS: you get to bring in any lingering “How to” questions and try to “STUMP THE COACH”.
(HINT: You will quickly discover that it will be impossible.)
Finally discover (if you haven't already) how you can coach ANY client, ANY problem, ANY situation, ANY where and ANY time.

“As a consultant, assessment instruments are a standard tool of the trade. As a coach, I have struggled to figure out how to make use of them. Today’s session was revelatory in helping to bridge the gap from telling/stating to exploring and discovery for my clients. The depth discussion on the simple numerical rating scale was well worth the time by itself. However, (“but wait there’s even more!”) applying that same approach to the other instruments I may use helped me cross the bridge revealing even more depth I can bring to my coaching.” – Ed Caldwell.


Throughout this course we’ve been building and growing your coaching foundation and muscles, your focus and clarity and revealing your deep MasterFull Coaching power.  And all the while we’ve been growing your “inner coach”.  And here is where we sink dramatically deeper.
Create Confident and Complete Coaching Connection with your ClIents.
Discover your true Coaching Purpose
Own your Coaching Agenda
And we target every single remaining obstacle, distraction, concern or block in your coaching and remove them so that you can have deep and powerful connection to yourself, your coaching and your confidence.

The Elements of Our Coaching is the most complete and comprehensive coaching model available—encompassing and embracing ALL models, including the school where you were trained. But we learn how to use COACHING CONTEXTS, BELIEFS and SKILLS in exciting and amazing ways.
Discover new skills and components that your school didn’t teach you. (It’s ok. They can’t show you everything. But this model does.)
Learn how to strengthen ANY COACHING SKILL that may be a little weak (not just tell you that you need to get better, but actually how to easily and effortlessly do it).
Access an inexhaustible resource of POWERFUL QUESTIONS.
Handle any of those “oh-crap-what-do-I-do-now?” moments with ease and confidence.
And NEVER FEEL LOST in your coaching again.
This ELEMENTS design is so powerful that it can’t be contained in just one call. PLUS, we’re going to apply it beyond your coaching. Yeah, you are going to have UNLIMITED marketing content. Marketing will be so much easier (if it isn’t by now) Your Sales approach and conversation will be deeper and more powerful (if it isn’t already) And you will discover easy BALANCE in your coaching, powerful RECOVERY, deep AWARENESS, solid COMMITMENTS and high levels of ENERGY And YOU the coach will be able to handy ANY client, ANY problem, ANY time, ANY where.
It’s simple. ALL coaching only happens when there is connection. If you don't have connection, then coaching ceases immediately. It's as simple as that. It’s an all or nothing deal. You can’t have partial connection. That’s like being partially pregnant.
In these next two calls we will:
  • Learn the powerful 3-step process to creating confident client connection.
  • Identify SEVEN powerful reconnecting tools to get you back to your client and your coaching. (You’ll have already learned two of them from previous calls.)
  • Discover the Wonder of WAIT (it's not what you think).
  • Learn how simple math can help you be a better coach?
  • Become the manager of a sports team in the universal championship game for high stakes.
  • And experience how can a simple cell phone, your desk lamp, a power strip and even a Christmas tree help you become an incredibly powerful coach?
  • AND we'll also uncover and expose three deadly and dangerous coaching myths—stories that we have bought into (either consciously or unconsciously). And although those that taught us these myths may have had good intentions, the truth is they will limit, and even destroy our coaching.

“I’ve enjoyed participating in the Fast Pass to Coaching Mastery class. We’re over half way through and even though I’ve been coaching for 4 years, I have been learning a lot and using the skills we’ve covered to enhance the coaching experience with my clients. Your class not only gives each coach a solid foundation for success, but also provides a fun way to learn how we need to Be and what we need to Do to serve our clients effectively.” – Kris Cavanaugh, owner of Shift Inc.

In this course you’ll discover the truth, the powerful truth of your coaching. Using a quarter, a trip to Vegas, a piece of paper and your local University science center and more, you'll discover how your Coaching Agenda could be creating an unintended impact on your coaching, and how a small and simple shift can make the difference between good coaching and GREAT Coaching. By the end of this call, you will have discovered powerful secrets about agendas that will profoundly impact your coaching and clients.
Picking up where the previous call left off, we explore and design your own powerful Big Coaching Agenda. What’s that? Coaches aren’t supposed to have an agenda? Yeah, that’s not only not true, but completely impossible.
You have agendas for your coaching—many. What’s critical is knowing what they are and consciously using them to provide unlimited support and unrestrained power. When you discover how to Master Your Big Agenda Game, you will reveal your powerful coaching foundation that will create space, access your coaching magnificence and support ANY agenda that your client brings. And it all leads to…
We introduced the five Powerful Principles of MasterFull coaching—Balance, Recovery, Awareness, Commitments, Energy—and then sprinkled throughout the course you received 5 bonus recordings—each one an hour long—exploring and revealing each of these principles to greater depth and discovery. Not only that, but as the weeks have passed and the lessons unfolded, they continually pop up, not as a specific focused learning, but how everything that we learn points to one or more of these in some way and how they show up in our coaching.
In this call, we will review the recordings, capture the additional learning and deepen our discovery of each of these powerful principles utilizing key exercises and experiences to create an even more unyielding and solid BRACE to your coaching. Because once you have this powerful BRACE in your coaching—and in your life—you can build any structure upon it, as big and as amazing and as wonderful an you want. (of course, you know, I’m speaking metaphorically about your coaching… and anything else.)
Not only that, but this call will also magically convert your Self Study credits acquired by listening to the recordings into Core Competency.
Continuing our journey of going back to the beginning, we’re going to review the FULL breakdown of “What IS MasterFull Coaching” that we learned in Call #1. However, it’s going to sound WAAAAAAAAAAY different now. Your relationship and experience of each of these stages now become a powerful marker and checkpoint for exactly how much you have grown. If it wasn’t apparent before, you will be able to chart and view your amazing progress and journey, plus deepen the discovery of just how powerful you really are.
This is where we wrap up and revisit everything we've learned one last time to make sure it's locked in. It's not enough just to "know" this stuff intellectually, you have to put it into action, incorporate these skills into your coaching and experience it personally. Make it an integral part of your coaching... your Masterful coaching.
We go back to the beginning to review that list of MasterFull coaching that we designed on the first call, and then we lock it in with an ancient ritual so that you will never forget and always be able to access the learning and discovering.

“The course is FUN, well paced, interactive, interesting, and VALUABLE.  Ben knows his stuff and he knows how to teach it.
I was really inspired to step into my confidence and coach at a more intuitive level.
Take this course – you won’t be sorry!” – Mary Jo Thatcher

Come and discover what hundreds of coaches JUST LIKE YOU have discovered.
Learn what you didn’t know you were missing.
Stand confidently and powerfully in your coaching.
it’s all part of my commitment to helping you discover your skills in a deeper and more powerful way so you can show up fully for your clients.

“I really wish I had done this earlier in my coaching career!  You are one of the best things out there after our coach training is finished.”  – Hillary Hutchinson

Call it part neuroscience, part appreciative inquiry, part physiology, part emotional intelligence, part fun and games, part advanced coaching skill development, part inside team, part dog training, part truth telling, part Deepak Chopra, part breaking the rules, part confidence building, part Einstein, part corporate training, part sports theory, part physics, part woo-woo, part affirmation, part empowerment, part “revealing your WOW” factor. These 20 calls all work together to help you tap into and reveal that MasterFull coach that you already are!

“Wow, that all sounds fantastic. And to be honest, while I’ve heard some of this before, I don’t think that I’ve really heard a lot of this in my training.”

That’s right. These are ADVANCED COACHING TECHNIQUES, STRUCTURES, INSIGHTS and DESIGNS all building upon each other and create powerful impact to your coaching in ways that most coaches dream of. There is nothing like this out there.
Most schools will teach you your basic coaching skills and how to DO coaching. But HOW do you use those skills powerfully and confidently?
Most mentors will focus on giving you feedback and tell you what you could have done and should have done. But how do you create deeper change to build your confidence so you don’t even need that feedback? You already KNOW.
Most teleclasses and workshops focus on some new-fangled exercise that you can import into your coaching. Which is great when the situation calls for it, but what about when it doesn’t?

THIS course is different. 

The FPMC takes what you already know and digs it deeper.
The FPMC shifting you from the inside out (the same way we work with our clients)
The FPMC is not just about DOing coaching, but BEing a powerful and confident coach–from the inside out.
The FPMC is not designed to teach new coaches how to coach. It’s created to show existing good coaches just like you how to coach awesomely great.

With regard to the Fast Pass to Masterfull Coaching class, “I really wish I had done this earlier in my coaching career!”  – Hillary Hutchinson

Tell you what, if you don’t feel that your coaching confidence and skill set has doubled, I’ll refund your money.*

(*Of course you need to attend the calls or listen to the recordings and do the work. I can’t do it for you, but I can give you the direction, the learning, and the tools to explode your coaching! Read more about this in my GUARANTEE in the sidebar.)

“My coaching has been re-energized. Ben’s course helped overcome my limiting beliefs and to trust myself, my client, and my coaching. He is a fantastic teacher who uses humor and enthusiasm to make the student comfortable and open to learning. He also provided challenging and practical homework assignments that reinforced his course material. I completed my CTI course in 1999, and have been coaching since then. After Ben’s course my confidence and abilities as a coach have been enhanced.
Today, I am a better coach.” 
– Win Harper

So now at this point you are at one of two places.

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